Covid 19 Precautions

We want you to feel safe when using our services so we are making it possible to help you with your tech woes while without having to Physically Interact with you.  Below you'll see how we are achieving this.

If you wish to use our on-site services please rest assured that we take every precaution.  We sanitise before, during and after every on site appointment, wear PPE when necessary to protect you and ourselves and sanitise all devices we may come into contact with all for your safety. 


We want to make mobile I.T pricing fair. Our pricing structure is designed to save you money, and give you the value you deserve. No strings attached, what you see is what you get. No hidden fees. And, to make it even easier, these prices cover all of our services.

$10 off DUring Covid

Standard On-Site Assistance

$39.99 Callout + $59.99 per hour

By default, we charge a $39.99 Callout fee, and then $59.99 per hour. Rather than charging the typical "per 15 minutes" like our competitors, if we don't reach a full hour, we will slash our hourly rate by half. Any appointment under an hour will only cost $29.99 + Callout!

Over 55's On-Site Assistance

$24.99 Callout + $49.99 per hour

For our customers over 55, we are pleased to be able to offer a significantly cheaper rate. Same rules apply, any appointment under an hour, we cut the hourly rate in half. This means if your appointment falls short of an hour, this will cost only $24.99 + Callout!

Remote Assistance (via phone + internet)

$̶4̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ Now 39.99 per hour

For issues that are minor, we offer a comprehensive remote solution, all you need is a working internet connection and a phone to call from! We handle the rest. Don't hesitate, ring us today!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

 Minimum appointment time is 30 minutes unless stated otherwise.