What We Offer

Learn more about our services, and why we're different from the rest.

Comprehensive Lessons

Wanting to get in touch with family members through social media? Unsure how to do all the same things the kids are doing? Master your device at your pace with our comprehensive lessons. All lessons are one to one, we won't rush things, and we try to simplify as much as possible so you get the most out of your device.

  • Wise Guys use easy to understand analogies.

  • Lessons at your speed, on your terms.

  • We can tailor the lessons to your skill level/needs.

  • We offer the BEST rates and customer service on the market!

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In-home Support & Advice

We are your go-to for anything and everything technology related around the home. Wi-Fi slow? Virus concerns? We cover literally everything, if it's considered technology we will handle it. Simplify your life by having the Wise Guys as your one stop shop for all things technology related.

  • Honest and transparent advice, custom fit to your needs.

  • No technical jargon, all clarification. Our solutions will "just work" and you won't need to do a thing.

  • No upselling, just sound advice based on you, the customer.

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Buyer's Advice

Thinking you need to get a new computer or phone? Maybe add a tablet to the collection? Don't waste hours online or get upsold by a commission based sales rep! We are here to help and give you the best solution for your money. We pride ourselves on our honest, transparent consultations at all levels.

  • We can come with you into stores to help you make the purchase.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of exactly what YOU need.

  • Our industry experience will help you to make the right decisions. We put ourselves in your shoes.


System Support & Advice 

Need help handling files, installing updates, or unsure what *that* error message means? Wise Guys live and breathe the technology we use every day in our homes, we are here to help with any size of request, little or huge. And we don't charge a ridiculous amount for it.

  • Learn as you go, or have us handle the whole thing. We are flexible and adapt to your requirements.

  • Transparency and communication are our main priorities.

  • Every job custom fit to your needs.

  • Did we mention we have the best rates on the market?

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